The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Cement Mixers for Sale

cement mixers for sale

As a high-stakes investment opportunity, finding the right cement mixers for sale requires making sound decisions on your end. Cement mixers are essential equipment for any construction project that involves concrete mixing. They come in a variety of sizes, types, and features to meet the needs of different projects.

If you are looking to buy a mixer, it is important how to make the best choice for your project. Let’s discuss the significance of different types and features of cement mixers for sale.

Types of Concrete Mixers

Stationary Concrete Mixers

These are large mixers that are installed at a fixed location on a construction site. They are designed to mix large volumes of concrete for big projects. Stationary mixers are ideal for construction companies that require a constant supply of concrete.

Mobile Mixers

These smaller cement mixers are mounted on a trailer or truck. They are designed for projects that require smaller quantities of concrete and are ideal for construction sites with limited space. Mobile mixers are also more versatile than stationary mixers as they can be transported to different locations.

Hand-Held Concrete Mixers

These are small, portable mixers that are designed for small DIY projects. They are ideal for mixing small quantities of concrete for projects such as fence posts, small slabs, and garden paths.

Features of Concrete Mixers

Drum Capacity

The capacity of the drum determines the amount of concrete that the mixer can produce. It is important to choose a mixer with a drum capacity that meets the needs of your project.

cement mixers for sale

Power Source

Concrete mixers can be powered by electricity, petrol, or diesel. Electric mixers are ideal for indoor use as they do not produce fumes. Meanwhile, petrol and diesel mixers are more powerful and can be used in outdoor settings.

Mixing Speed

The speed at which the mixer rotates determines how quickly the concrete is mixed. Mixers with a high mixing speed can produce concrete faster, but they may also be more difficult to control.

Tilt Function

A mixer with a tilt function makes it easier to pour the concrete out of the mixer. This is particularly useful for mobile mixers that need to be emptied at different locations.


Clearly, perusing through your available choices of cement mixers for sale is no ordinary shipping spree. Choosing wisely is important for the integrity and success of your construction project. By understanding the fine detail, you can make an informed decision when buying a cement mixer.

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