Heat Exchanger is Used in Various Applications – Discuss!
By: Date: January 25, 2019 Categories: Heat Exchanger
air fin coolers

A heat exchanger is a device used in various applications. Basically, it is an equipment used for transferring and exchanging heat from one medium to another. Further, it is designed for technical functioning that we often see in factories and big industrial units. The medium transferred from one matter to another might be of different types where water, oil or moving air are some common types. After having a look at the basics of a heat exchanger, we come to know that this particular device is a piece of special equipment used for transferring the energy of heat produced in the exchanger. The exchanger might be of any type, even car radiator is another leading example of heat exchanger used for transferring heat. In all exchangers used for heating, the role of air fin coolers is of great importance. The coolers maintain the level of heat that controls the device from overheating.

A heat exchanger is a piece of effective equipment used in various applications. The car radiator is a common example that almost every user is aware of! The radiator of a car is the key component used for maintaining the temperature of the engine. The radiator is fully filled up with water or coolant that works in the exchanger for maintaining the level of temperature. The water bottle is also attached beside the radiator that is also filled up with water but not at maximum level. The air cooler also works with this system that maintains the overall temperature and never let the car overheat on the road. It transfers energy into the engine that is the basic part used in every car. Other than cars, this special heat transfer equipment is used in various industries such as in power plants, chemical plants, petroleum refineries, air conditioning and in natural gas processing etc.

In sewage treatment and a combustion engine, the heat exchanger is also used with different setups. Even the types are also different that vary from industry to industry whenever it comes to using a heat exchanger. Usually, the plate heat exchanger is a very common type used in many industries. Other than plate exchanger, the tube, adiabatic wheel, and plate fin are some common types of heat exchangers. All types are equally important and have specific uses at an industrial level, but the plate heat exchanger is a very common type that is the most demanded product in the market.