What Are IR ARO Piston and Extrusion Pumps Commonly Used for?

IR ARO piston and extrusion pumps

Looking for IR ARO piston and extrusion pumps? Piston pumps and extrusion pumps are known to be some of the most versatile pumps on the market, and IR ARO’s piston pumps are known for their cutting edge quality that puts them a few steps ahead of other models. Piston and extrusion pumps are used for a wide array of applications across pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and energy industries, among others.

In this article, we will be having a closer look at the four main categories of fluid handling applications that piston pumps offer, including:


The transfer of fluids is probably piston and extrusion pumps’ most popular and common application. These pumps have the ability to move low-to-medium viscosity fluid between various locations. Piston pumps are considered the most effective, but 2 ball and 4 ball pumps are also used for transfer applications.


Extrusion applications can be a little more complicated than transferrals. Extrusion processes make use of a piston pump that applies medium to high viscosity fluids and materials. But you will most likely also need additional accessories such as fluid regulators and rams if you want to meet your client’s expectations. Other pumps used in extrusion processes include 2 ball pumps and chop-check pumps.


IR ARO piston and extrusion pumps

You will find that coating is a very practical application that piston and extrusion pumps offer. The piston pump will apply material to an object by either transferring the coating material into a container and dipping or spraying, and settings vary from model to model of pump. Coating applications also often make use of 2 ball pumps.


Dispensing is a very common need among a wide variety of different industries. And piston pumps make dispensing so much simpler, allowing you to easily move low to medium viscosity fluids from location to location by the use of 2 ball and 4 ball style pumps.

There are many different types of piston and extrusion pumps available, but it is important that you consider your specific project needs when purchasing one. Pressure ratios and displacement rates are also two important things that should definitely be looked into when purchasing a piston pump.

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