The Options That You Have For Your Farm Fence
By: Date: October 17, 2018 Categories: Fencing
farm fencing supplies in Tasmania

Framing is a great hobby. I mean everyone living in the countryside has some kind of a farm where they grow their favorite vegetables and other stuff. Looking after a farm is not an easy task. You need to put in quite a lot of time and effort into in. Leave your seedlings alone for a day and there would be nothing left for you the next day.

Animals running wild in the country yard are the constant danger to the farm. They might get in anytime and destroy your entire farm within minutes which is why installing a fence around your farm is a necessity. It is an investment that is going to cost you both money and time.

You can easily find the farm fencing supplies in Tasmania. Getting the supplies is not hard. I mean there is plenty of commercial fence supply in Tasmania but that doesn’t mean all of them is perfect for you. Thus you have to look for the fence that suits you best. Let us look at some of the options that might suit your farm.

1. Wood Fence

If you ask the old folks, they would suggest that you get wooden fence for you farm. It is quite a popular choice. People have been using wooden fences to keep their farm safe from the outsiders for centuries now. A wooden fence is a good investment because it can last for almost 20 years if proper care and maintenance is provided to it plus it helps keep wild dogs and other animals out the farm.

2. Barbed Wire Fence

This fence was developed in 1853 by Texan William H. It is a good investment but one must be know how to handle it because it is quite difficult to tackle if you are an inexperienced farmer. The fence can harm the animals that get caught in it and sometimes even the farmers themselves get tangled up in the mess. It is only legal in some of the states so you might not find it everywhere.

3. Woven wire fence

Poultry animals, sheep, pigs and goats are difficult to handle. They keep jumping up and down and often climb out of the fence. It is very hard to keep them inside but not with the woven wire fence. This fence has helped hundreds of farmers keep their cattle locked up plus it is woven so it is not dangerous like the barbed wire fence.