The Role of Commercial Air Coolers in a Business Establishment

commercial air cooler

Presently, the costs of energy are going higher and higher. Businesses are struggling to lower the costs where possible and create greener environments. Air conditioning (AC) can be important to a company when it comes to keeping employees comfortable for favorable productivity levels and the function of the company if it’s a food service, industrial manufacturing as well as other companies. If you can find commercial air coolers that can save you money on your energy bills, you would probably switch right away.

Evaporative Air Coolers

Whether it’s a restaurant, storefront, industrial factory, or an office, saving money and at the same time staying cool is equally important for the business. If you install commercial air coolers or evaporative coolers, you can even enhance your air quality. These coolers can be utilized in commercial and home settings as well as outdoors.

An evaporative air cooler can cost you just 25% of your normal anticipated cooling bills. That translates to huge savings. The lack of substances like Freon also contributes to a better eco-system. Increased environmental responsibility, enhanced air quality, more humid air, and even the utilization of the system in winter for humidity only can all add up to outstanding benefits.

When to Switch to the Technology

If you wish you has known about this when you were constructing your building, it’s not too late to switch to the more energy-saving technology. Your commercial air cooler can be set up within the existing ductwork and in your roof.

Beyond the cooling capabilities, the reduced costs, and the increased air quality, these coolers also are quite easy to maintain. When you install evaporative coolers in your commercial establishment such as the foodservice industry, you’ll be increasing the air quality and lessening bacterium. Commercial air coolers have functions and abilities not found in smaller units because of the large coverage area needed. Some units come with multiple water pads and are designed for specific fast distribution and varying speeds.

Factors to consider

There are numerous types of evaporative cooler options with different components that can influence the outcome and functionality of the unit. Some factors that could vary include the speed of the blower, size of the water reservoir, and the water pad absorbency. The kind of material the content is constructed with will also play a part in the low long the commercial air coolers can last. Due to constant contact with water, rust and corrosion are a factor. Presently, many units are constructed with materials that can put up with constant water exposure without developing issues.


Commercial air coolers can play a huge role in business by enhancing air quality and conserving a great deal of energy when installed. That means that you can expect increased productivity of the workers and reduced energy bills.

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